Trijicon RM02 Review

Trijicon RM02

Trijicon RM02

The Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex or RMR sight is an extremely small and rugged aiming solution. Parallax free at 50 meters, the Trijicon RM02 is ultra rugged, featuring a forged aircraft grade aluminum housing. Suitable for mounting on pistols, rifles or shotguns, as a primary sight or as a secondary offset or piggybacked sight on top of various optical sights such as the ACOG, the Trijocon RMR offers ultra-rapid target acquisition and aiming with a variety of illumination options and dot colours or sizes.

Trijicon RM02 reticle

Trijicon RM02 8 MoA red dot reticle

The RM02 is LED illuminated (non adjustable) and has a 8 MoA red dot reticle with 1 MoA audible click adjustments. The aiming window is 28 layer coated for maximum clarity and light transmission. It weighs a mere 1.2 ounces with its 3V CR2032 battery and is only 45 mm long. A wide array of mounts are available to mount the Trijicon RMR02 on wide variety of military, law enforcement and sporting weapons.

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