Samson Quick Flip Aimpoint 3XMag mount review

Samson quick flip mount for Aimpoint 3XMag

Samson quick flip mount for Aimpoint 3XMag bolt on version (left) and A.R.M.S. quick detach version (right)

The Aimpoint 3XMag magnifier offers an excellent way of switching between long and short range engagements. The standard Aimpoint TwistMount enables you to quickly take the 3XMag off the weapon. Taking the sight off and putting it back on takes much longer than flip to side systems which instantly flip the magnifier out of the way and let you replace it in situ in one sweeping motion of the hand. The Samson Quick Flip Aimpoint 3XMag mount comes in two version. One screws onto the MIL STD 1913 Picatinny rail offering a firm, semi permanent mounting with a locking bar and a bolt that acts as a recoil lug, preventing fore and aft movement. The second has a A.R.M.S. throw-lever operated quick detach cam mechanism which enables you to take the sight right off the weapon easily when you don’t want it mounted and put it back on and lock it solidly to the weapon giving you the best of both worlds. The A.R.M.S. mount’s locking lever is snug against the side of the mount to prevent snagging and a robust recoil lug again prevents fore and aft movement.

The Quick Flip Aimpoint mounts are machined from aluminum and hard anodized and provide a very steady mount for the magnifier. The mount bolts directly to the factory holes in the 3XMag with the machine screws supplied. You can easily switch the lever to the opposite side if you are left handed. The spring loaded flip mechanism is actuated via a deeply grooved tab that is easily deliberately operated but is not easily fouled on equipment.

Watch this video to see the advantages of the Samson Quick Flip Aimpoint mount:

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