RRA Dominator 2 Eotech mount review

RRA Dominator 2 Eotech mount

RRA Dominator 2 Eotech mount

The RRA Dominator 2 riser is made for flat-top AR15, M4 and M16 rifles and lifts shallow base Eotech holographic weapon sights by the required amount to enable co-witnessing of the rifle or carbine’s iron sights. Later Eotechs, including all the QD versions, have a 7mm higher mount which enables co-witnessing and are not compatible with the RRA Dominator 2 rail. You need to check which you have first. The Rock River Arms Dominator 2 flat-top mount is machined from aluminum and gives you six Picatinny slots. It is held in place by two heavy duty steel crossbolts which secure the steel clamping bar, preventing movement under recoil. A standard M16A2 adjustable backsight is fitted giving settings from 100-800 meters with .195″ and .065″ sized apertures for close and long range respectively. The RRA Dominator 2 was originally designed for the FBI SWAT and HRT.

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You may find this video on Eotech sights interesting.

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