Insight MRDS Mini Red Dot Sight review

The Insight MRDS miniature red dot sight in black

Insight MRDS (black)

The Insight MRDS Mini Red Dot Sight was designed from the outset to meet the needs of Special Forces operating in the most demanding conditions. It was adopted by the US Navy early last year and has now been selected by the US Army as a back-up sight for those equipped with magnifying optics. The Mini Red Dot Sight can be ‘piggybacked’ on optical sights, mounted on top of scopes and fitted in an offset position on rail equipped rifles to provide a back-up in the event of main sight failure or for close range late unmasking targets and CQB.  The lens is made of light, strong impact resistant polymer which is given an anti-reflective coating and offers a crisp, clear, non magnified field of view.  There are four pre-set intensity levels selected by sealed pushbuttons at the rear of the unit but the sight normally operates in auto mode in which it selects the brightness level of the 3.5 MoA dot to suit ambient brightness levels. The Insight MRDS was designed to take advantage of any mount designed for the Docter red dot sight which it can easily replace.

The Insight MRDS in tan for desert conditions

Insight MRDS (black)

Advanced polymers are used for the MRDS’ housing which is waterproof to 66 feet for up to two hours. The Mini Red Dot Sight has been tested to exceed MIL-STD 810G standards which involved testing in salt spray, fog and rain and shock, vibration and drop testing to ensure retention of zero in battle conditions.  This sight can operate at temperatures of will operate at temperatures ranging from -104° F to 120° F. Ajustments are in 1 MoA clicks which is more than sufficient for its intended applications. Its 3-volt CR-1632 lithium battery can run the sight for up to a year at a low setting. The battery can be replaced fron the top without taking the sight off the mount and potentially losing zero.  The Mini Red Dot Sight is supplied with a slip-on protective rubber cover, a compact cleaning system for its lens, a windage/elevation adjustment tool, mounting screws and instructions. Mounts are not included with the Insight MRDS. The sight is 1.9″ long, 1.1″ wide, 1.5″ high and weighs 0.85 oz.

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