Eotech XPS2-RF Review

The Eotech XPS2-RF is the first Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) designed for the rimfire and air rifle user.

Eotech XPS2-RF rimfire sight

Eotech XPS2-RF rimfire and air rifle sight

In order to keep the weight and cost of this rimfire holographic sight down, Eotech have made the XPS-2RF rimfire HWS smaller and lighter than their military/law enforcement/hunting models and done away with the waterproofing, rating the unit ‘water resistant’ instead. The Eotech XPS-2RF retains the fogproofing of the higher spec. models though. Interestingly, Eotech claim that this holographic rimfie sight is designed to take the forward recoil of a spring-powered air rifle making it suitable for a wide range of adult rated air guns. Powered by a single CR123 battery in a transverse compartment for the shortest possible length, the XPS2-RF Eotech rimfire sight only requires 2 3/4″ of dovetail space. It uses a conventional rimfire ‘tip-off’ mount configured for US 3/8″ dovetails. Eotech claim these are the same thing as European 11mm rails on their video, but in truth, whilst US mounts will work after a fashion on Euro rifles and vice-versa, they are not a perfect fit and may not center perfectly. This sight will not fit Picatinny or Weaver rails.

Eotech XPS2-RF underside showing tip-off mount

Eotech XPS2-RF underside showing 3/8" 'tip-off' mounting system

With a non magnifying rimfire holo sight like the XPS2-RF that really doesn’t matter. Eotech further claim a 600 hour battery life at a setting of 12. Strangely, on their own video they show the sight demonstrated on a .22WMR rifle, although the sight is only rated to .22LR or smaller cartridges.

In all honesty, the lack of robustness and waterproofing is a bit of a worry. $399 is still a lot of money to pay for a unity power rimfire optical sight and, whilst unique, I can’t help but feel that users that wanted this technology would want the ruggedness of the milspec units too. Still the SPS-2RF is bound to give a lot of shooters a great deal of pleasure.


Optical: parallax free holographic transmission
Mag: 1x
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Length/Width/Height: 3.5″x 2″x 2.2″ (88.9×50.86×55.88)
Weight: 7oz (198 grams)
Temp: -40 to 150 F
Waterproofing: Resistant
Fogproof: Yes
Click value: 0.5 MOA (1/2″ at 100 yds)
Adj. Range: +/- 40 MOA travel
Mounting system: 3/8″ dovetail tip-off, tightened by two allen bolts
Return to Zero: Eotech claim will repeat to 2 MOA when remounted.
Night Vision Comatibility: No

Heads-Up-Display Window

Surface treatment: Anti-glare coated
Windows: 1.20″ x 0.85″ (30 x 23mm)
Front Window Construction: 1/8″ solid glass
Rear Window Construction: Shatter resistant laminate (3/16″ thick)
FoV (100 yds): 30 yds (28m) when viewed from 4″ eye relief


Brightness Range: 146,000:1 brightest to lowest
Battery: (1) 123 lithium battery
Run time: 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12
Brightness adjustment: 20 settings with scrolling feature
Battery life remaining: Flashing reticle upon start-up
Automatic shut-off: At 8 hrs- programmable to 4 hrs

This video explains the advantages of Eotech holographic weapon sights:

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