American Defense AD-68 Aimpoint Mount

American Defense AD-68 Aimpoint Comp Mount

American Defense AD-68 Aimpoint Comp Mount

The American Defense AD-68 Aimpoint mount is a cleverly designed quick detach mount designed to detach easily but lock rock solidly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail or almost any Weaver rail. The locking mechanism required the operator to press a release tab before the lever can be operated. The lever locks ever more solidly under recoil rather than loosening and the lever is adjustable to take up wear or to suit poorly dimensioned commercial rails. Repeat zero is assured. You can reverse the lever so that it opens either to the front or the rear according to your preference. The locking bar on the side of the mount has a large engagement area and is complemented by a cross-bolt and two internal locking lugs for the most secure lock-down to the rail possible. The ring is clamped with a total of five heavy-duty hex screws to ensure the sight absolutely will not move under recoil or vibration. The sight is kept light by removing metal where it is not necessary, for example from the rings which are skeletonized. As with most mounts on the market hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum is used in the construction of the mount with steel fittings and fixings phosphated for abrasion and corrosion resistance. The AD-68 Aimpoint comes in four versions:

Standard is intended for “absolute” co-witness that puts the red dot on or near the top of the foresight element when used with iron or back up iron sights of USGI height on AR-15 or derived weapons.

Low puts the Aimpoint as close as possible to the top of the receiver. This is paricularly appropriate on combat shotguns or those used for wildfowl hunting.

High is designed to achieve co-witnessin in the lowes third of the sight picture on AR-15 or derived weapons using USGI or  back up iron sights designed to mimic them .

Cantilever is also designed for lower third co-witness and puts the Aimpoint 1½” further forward to allow for the fitting of a rear-mounted magnifier like the Aimpoint 3XMag, Eotech G23.FTS or Vortex or night vision systems like the PVS-14.


Height measured from top of rail to bottom of scope body. Standard – .940” high. Low – .520” high. High – 1.120” high. Cantilever – 1.120” high.

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You may find this video on the Mobile Hunting Technologies laser boresighter of interest:

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