Aimpoint 3XMag Review


Aimpoint 3X Mag Bare Unit

Aimpoint 3X MAg. Bare unit.

Aimpoint 3XMag 3X magnifier

The Aimpoint 3XMag 3X magnifier, combined with Aimpoint’s patented TwistMount, offers great flexibility when used with Aimpoint red dot sights and Eotech Holographic Weapon Sights.

Aimpoint 3XMag with riser inerted in TwistMount

Aimpoint 3XMag with riser inserted in TwistMount

Readily detachable from the weapon, the 3XMag enables the switch from Close Quarter Battle use to medium range engagements in an instant. This is especially important in law enforcement and urban counterinsurgency scenarios.

Patented Mount

The Aimpoint TwistMount for the 3XMag 3x magnifier is available with the Aimpoint Co-witness Spacer to enable co-witnessing of iron sights in the bottom 1:3 of the sighting window.  It’s quick detach clamping system attaches it to any Mil Std 1913  Picatinny rail. The Aimpoint TwistMount Base can be purchased separately to enable swapping of the 3XMag between weapons.

Aimpoint 3XMag with Aimpoint Micro T-1 on AR15.

Aimpoint 3XMag with Aimpoint Micro T-1 on AR15.

Unique features of the 3XMag

  • Mountable on a rail system behind Aimpoint sights
  • Extremely fast and ingenious mounting solution (Twist Mount – Picatinny)
  • Can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ring
  • Provides extended range to the operator
  • Combines the best of two worlds – CQB & semi-sniping
  • Increases confidence, performance, and flexibility
  • No influence on point of impact – No need for re-zeroing the sight
  • Doubles as handheld magnifying glass monocular.
Aimpoint 3XMag behind an Aimpoint CompM4 in an FN Minimi Para

Aimpoint 3XMag behind an Aimpoint CompM4 on an FN Minimi Para


Article number 11324
Working principle Magnifying device
Field of view (FOV)
Exit pupil diameter 7mm
Dimensions L x W x H 110 mm x 44 mm x 41 mm, (4.3” x 1.7” x 1.6”)
Weight 200g, (7.1 oz) including rubber cover
Humidity 0 – 100% condensing or non-condensing
Magnification 3X
Temperature range -45° – +71° C, (50°- +160° F)
Water resistance – submersible to 20m, (67ft)
Ojbective diameter 20mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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